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I love Tower Defense games, especially when you get to build your own mazes.

Gameplay: Reminds me of a better version of Xeno Tactics 2, where the concept remained the same as Xeno Tactics 1/Desktop Defense, but had updated graphics and level designs.

Graphics: Great. I kept thinking how this was made, because the towers themselves move as though they are 3D models, but could be sprites.

Audio: Wasn't anything too outstanding. I didn't mind it at all.

Difficulty: Way too easy in my opinion. It just took me a while to finish each level, but other than that, there wasn't anything that got in my way. I guess this is more of a starting point for novice players or players who haven't experienced the "build your own route" type of defense.

Improvements: Increased difficulty; each enemy should become increasingly difficult as you move to the next stage, whether you make them move faster, have more of them bunched together, or give them more hp. Better towers; there's a nice variety of towers in this game, but most of them I found pretty useless. The most expensive tower seemed no more effective than two plasma towers which cost a lot less if upgraded fully. There should be a bigger difference between each tower so there's a point of choosing one over the other.

One of the BEST time wasters

I played this game on armorgames for weeks now and I'm still at the the 4th or 5th boss.

Graphics: are great and I love how the environment changes as you move to different locations.

Audio: not many improvements since the first gemcraft, but it's still great. I wouldn't know how to make it better

Difficulty: Taking it slow makes the game very easy while rushing through it creates more challenge. For me, as I got further along the game, my strategies started to turn to crap, which forced me to rethink my plans and invest on other abilities. However, once you figure out the perfect strat, the game becomes too easy. If you were to scroll through my map, you would see that the first two stages are nearly complete, including all the modes, and as you move further up, you only see one path with just the normal mode complete. I think this was what made me quit the game because I found no challenge in it whatsoever.

Gameplay: you would think that after playing for so long, things would get boring, but with so many different mazes and unlockable modes, there's always something that keeps you entertained.

The skills became very important as you collected more points, but a few of the abilities seemed useless, or not as important for your survival. The dual gems ability was perhaps the most important one to get, because the gem would obliterate the enemy without a problem, as long as you upgrade it.

The mana pool increase this time seemed pointless. In the beginning of the round, I wouldn't waste any mana to increase the pool size, and by the end, I either get swamped with enemies so I can't afford to lose more mana, or I basically beat the level and don't need any more.

Overall, it's a great game, but it just keeps going, which may cause people to lose interest.

Died on Night 12

Great Game!

Graphics: I really enjoy defense games with grids. It's nice and clean, but it needs more to keep the player entertained.

Audio: the music wasn't the best, but the sound effects were good.

Gameplay: Though the increasing difficulty breaks the monotony of the game, it's still fairly repetitive. Unless there is something more past night 12, it needs more variety.

Difficulty: I found it challenging, and I wouldn't change a lot. The problem is there is only one strategy throughout the game. Create more gunmen and defend them as best you can. It doesn't seem like there is a reason to upgrade your weapon because the reload time is way too long. Damage upgrade is pointless when the gun reloads so slow. Even if you max the speed to 2 seconds, it still takes an eternity to reload (though it's a lot longer than 2 seconds; I counted). These upgrades need to cost a lot less, and you need more of them to have a use in the game.

Defending the medic and scientist I also didn't really understand. I saw little effect of keeping them alive. They should play a bigger role so the player has a reason to spend money on barriers for them.

The barriers became practically useless as the game went on. Without a 3 star gunman (I think that's the max) near the barriers, they don't stand a chance of staying up.

More upgrades, more zombie types, more variety. Improve on these things and the game will be %100 better.

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It's ok

I remember seeing this in the art forum, but it was a WIP then. Seemed like it was heading to the right direction, but I really don't like the blur you added. It implies that he's moving fast, but his pose contradicts that.

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Thank you.

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