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Computers Hate Me

2009-07-20 19:45:09 by Fleshlight

Things that have died on me in the past one or two years:
- keyboard
- at least a dozen computer mice
- wacom tablet twice (second time was out of waranty)
- 3 broken USB ports
- 2 laptops (both had messed up screens)
- 4 hard drives (one external, 3 internal)

Of course most of it was my fault, but it seems like technology just feels like breaking down whenever I touch it.

Hard drives are the worst. You tip them over on your desk, they fall lightly on their side and become useless. Bah

Computers Hate Me


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2009-07-20 19:56:44

A fleshlight sounds disturbing :[


2009-07-20 20:30:26

Maybe its the Parts you buy?
Maybe consider buying a Different Brand of stuff (Non refrbied)

if ya want more help just ask me

Fleshlight responds:

I do buy different parts


2009-07-20 22:37:15 2ef3233d76ba4c695a5255a84d19
you stole, I console

Too bad buddy

Fleshlight responds:



2009-07-28 21:04:08

me: one hard drive, 3 mice, a 2 keyboard, a screen,a modem and one printer