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I'M 19!

2009-07-08 13:21:15 by Fleshlight

Let's celebrate the day I got squeezed out of my mom's vagina...WITH CAEK!!!

Now it's over and the cake is mostly gone. Renaenae, being a selfish hog, practically ate the whole thing >:(

I'M 19!


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2009-07-08 13:22:20

I wonder if it is edible . . .

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

Fleshlight responds:

Only 24 hours of life left? Better use it wisely.
I'll need a big box, some tin foil and a penguin


2009-07-08 13:38:28

Happy B-day dude, sorry for taking a bite out of the cake.


2009-07-08 15:06:30

Yay birthday. Way to go man, I still got a few months to go.


2009-07-09 04:16:25

Somebody is having a sexy penguinfilia party today, right?


2009-07-09 13:17:00

Happy birthday man.
Im not 19 till September D:


2009-07-13 15:13:00

I ate that cake with my spleen.