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Power of Three Team

2009-05-14 22:35:56 by Fleshlight

Updates & Announcements:
-ART PORTAL'S UP!! Check out my first submission which is the concept art for this game
-Lvl 3 in the works
-Lvl 1, 2, and 4 nearly finished
-finished most of the character animations
-Game Engine getting there
-Episode 1 level concept finished and level designs started
-WOOHOO! We're in the Event!

The Team:
Me: art & animation
takethatsubspace: music & sound effects
chickendance333: code

-3 episodes (time periods), 3 levels each
-3 enemies in each level
-3 puzzles
-3 bosses
-3 secrets
-3 primary weapons per time period
-3 secondary weapon upgrades
-3 bomb upgrades
-3 shield upgrades
(that's a lota 3's)

WIPs n Stuff
Sketches 2
Sketches 3
Character WIPs
Sketches 4
Sketches 5
Game Engine WIP
Character WIPs 2


Power of Three Team


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2009-05-16 11:15:05

Possibly me? :( I can do all of that and your art is amazing. Although I've never really done bosses before because of the lack of art.


2009-05-16 11:25:45

nice name.


2009-05-16 21:00:17

Looks good Fleshlight. Enemies going to be similar to the time period like dinos and what not?

Fleshlight responds:

Actually I was thinking more along the lines of testicles and penors running around the place, but your idea sounds genius! You'll have to wait to find out though


2009-05-17 14:41:58

When is it released? Do you have an estimate?

Fleshlight responds:

Think it's the same for everyone whose entering the event. September 5th


2009-05-17 14:49:56

Oh and what about 3 medals?

Complete period 1 - 100 pts.
Complete period 2 - 100 pts.
Complete period 3 - 100 pts.


2009-05-17 17:59:01

Looks great, do you think you're going to put medals into it?

Fleshlight responds:



2009-05-18 10:16:01

Looks like it would be good to see, seen as you havn't put anything on NG!!! :P


2009-05-18 13:46:37

Awwww that's so long. :'(

Fleshlight responds:

it'll be worth the wait


2009-05-19 06:57:15

looking good from the WIP pictures... cant wait to play the finished product... >:3

Hope it all goes well, im cheering on a couple of teams already... so your also on the list!... GO Get em!... Ciao

Fleshlight responds:

going to need a lot of work time on this. I imagine most of my summer will consist of me sitting in front of the computer animating


2009-05-19 21:25:28

Looking pretty intresting to see the progress here
Makes me wanna start to makes flash games and stuff myself in my free time

Looking forward to see it when it's done

PS: maybe you can add 't(h)rees' in the background? geddit? trees, threes...
Ah nevermind XD

Good luck with the contest though :)


2009-05-20 05:05:18

holy shit
you have like
9000+ medal points
that's like
more than 9000


2009-05-20 11:13:53



2009-05-20 23:35:23

man the sketches are making this game look pretty fucking epic.

i wouldnt be suprised if u made top 10 flash games.

im really looking forward to seeing the games/movies(?) being made

Fleshlight responds:

it's a game. We'll see how things work out


2009-05-22 19:04:58

To guy above me, I doubt we'll be able to make top 500, let alone top 10. Have you seen the other PO3 groups?

Fleshlight responds:

Isn't going to stop us from making a kick ass game though


2009-05-24 22:40:45

Hey, hey, hey, your gonna have to stop updating or else someones gonna find our entire game!

Fleshlight responds:

Yeah I'll probably stop here. Need to give people something to look forward to though


2009-05-25 06:25:45

ah i thought i was going crazy.. every time i come to check on your updates... i find that the picture has changed slightly... i thought i didnt notice it at first... but now with the giant pink flying creature... my sanity is restored :3...
looking good... i did like the hearts all level with each other, but hey... its up to you :3

Fleshlight responds:

they're not the same level? whatever. We're probably going to do a different health system at the end


2009-05-28 12:59:55

This game is looking seriously good and interesting.

Fleshlight responds:

It's actually growing real big. I don't think I ever played a game that has so much packed into it.


2009-05-30 11:26:02

Gonna have medals? looks fun.

also you look weird with out lolipop

(Updated ) Fleshlight responds:

I was trying to get my rank up without leveling up, but messed up so now I've got to make the long ass crawl up to a higher level...again

oh, and how the fuck did you get that damn pancake medal you filthy hacker?!


2009-06-04 18:00:19

Well this just looks awesome :D

Can't wait to play it dude


2009-06-08 01:40:48



2009-06-23 12:01:51

That looks sexy.
Programmer art is funny :)


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